Virtual dating: "YES" or "NO"

Internet services has deeply integrated into our usual daily life. Almost everyone has already tried on-line shopping and mail services. Who doesn't have an e-mail address or social networks' account now? Even your grandmother might have it! So why there are still so many talks and disputes concerning virtual dating? What is so weird and unusual about it? Let's try to find out in short what are the pros and cons of this side of virtual life.
At first - about flies in the ointment. What are the things that can put you down when you are dating on-line?
- You never know for sure who is talking to you exactly (till you establish a closer contact via web-cam or phone etc.). She may say she is a Beauty Queen of far and mysterious Zimbabwe - but when you see that beauty live you might get a heart attack. Remember that ideas of beauty might differ in some countries (wink) Or let's say your secret admirer boasts with yachts and Ferraries and sends you breathtaking pictures of Bali vacation, but actually he might be as poor as a church mouse - how will you check it till you meet him in real?
- You never know what their real intentions are. Unfortunatey there are too many people who are looking for easy money in the Internet and there is a chance of being scammed. So don't share your personal details, your bank cards information till you are sure in the person you are talking to. Or be ready for some unpleasant surprises just in case. We are not being cinical, it's a need of modern world indeed. Trust but check!
- You never know if the person is 100% sincere (he writes he is looking for a bride, but then it appears that he already has a family with a bunch of kids!).
- You are never sure how far the communication will take you (but maybe you don't need it actually? ;))
But there are a lot of advantages in on-line dating too, be sure!
- You can meet people from all over the world without leaving your comfortable rocking chair (and without paying for tickets, hotels, meals etc - what a great way to save money!). Secret Slavic souls, mysterious Oriental singles, even pretty Chinese matches - they are all open for communication and dating foreigners. Language barrier is not a problem when you are using modern devices of communication!
- You can learn foreign cultures and traditions and broaden your horizonts with interesting information. You can even learn a new language talking to people from abroad. Then you'll be able to surprise your colleagues and friends with enthralling stories of foreign life and traditions, and they will think you are really cool and smart!
- You will find new friends and like-minded people, different professionals who are always interesting talking to. Even if you don't fall in love, you'll spend your time with fun and profit!
- When people talk to strangers they tend to be more sincere and open. Remember how difficult it was to tell something to your mother, but how easy you could share your secrets with a total stranger! It works for virtual dating too, especially if you both are introverts.
- And finally it's a good opportunity to meet that one special person who has been visiting you in your dreams! Yes, it is possible, and many couples have proved it with their own experience. It will definitely take your time, attention and money - but the real dating takes it too. You may have to kiss many ugly frogs till one of them turns into a beautiful Prince or Princess. But all the efforts are worth it, if you meet your real soulmate sooner or later!
So if you still have any doubts about on-line dating - our advice is to try it out! You don't lose anything but your time, but you may find something very special! Press the "Register" button and let's get it started! Good luck to you in your search!